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Streakz - Z-Man Lures


Designed to mimick a darting baitfish with uncanny realism, the soft, potbelly-minnow design of Z Man StreakZ entice strikes from virtually every fresh- and saltwater species that swims. This is an ElaZtech® jerk bait whose action is always unpredictable. Shimmering body colors and detailed painted scaled backs enhance its natural bait appeal.

Their super-durable ElaZtech construction helps them withstand repeated strikes without tearing or having to be replaced, and their buoyancy means you can fish them a variety of ways and target the entire water column. Available in a wide range of colors, the Z Man StreakZ have the nervous baitfish action big bass and other game fish can't resist.


Streakz Logo
StreakZ Baby Bass StreakZ Baby Bass
StreakZ Black Neon StreakZ Black Neon
StreakZ Bubble Gum StreakZ Bubble Gum
StreakZ Electric Chicken StreakZ Electric Chicken
StreakZ Green Pumpkin StreakZ Green Pumpkin
StreakZ Hot Chartreuse StreakZ Hot Chartreuse
StreakZ Ice StreakZ Ice
StreakZ June Bug StreakZ June Bug
StreakZ New Penny StreakZ New Penny
StreakZ Opening Night StreakZ Opening Night
StreakZ Pearl StreakZ Pearl
Pumpkin/Chartreuse Tail Pumpkin/Chartreuse Tail
StreakZ Smokey Shad StreakZ Smokey Shad
StreakZ Space Guppy StreakZ Space Guppy
StreakZ Watermelon StreakZ Watermelon
StreakZ Watermelon/Chartreuse Tail StreakZ Watermelon/Chartreuse Tail
StreakZ Watermelon/Red Flake StreakZ Watermelon/Red Flake

Z-Man Fishing: Charlie Ingram on Elaztech


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