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Creature Baits - Z-Man Lures


The durability of 10X Tougher ElaZtech® baits means you'll get more mileage from every one of these soft plastics. Whatever your preference in baits, you can fish with the confidence that your Z-Man ElaZtech® bait will continue to perform fish after fish.

Big fish baits loaded with action, the Z Man CreatureZ deliver an oversized profile that plays right into the “Big Meal” needs of jumbo bass.  Great for flipping and pitching applications, the CreatureZ flutter, pulsate and swim on the fall, and the buoyancy of their ElaZtech construction means the baits settle at a naturally slow rate - even with long hooks. 


CreatureZ Logo
Creature Black Blue Creature Black Blue
Creature Black Neon Creature Black Neon
Creature Green Pumpkin Creature Green Pumpkin
Creature June Bug Creature June Bug
Creature Watermelon Creature Watermelon
Creature Watermelon Red Glitter Creature Watermelon Red Glitter

Z-Man Fishing: Charlie Ingram on Elaztech


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