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Gardner Tackle -
Covert Terminal & End Tackle Rig Components for Carp Fishing Rigs

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The ‘Covert’ range finally brings together brand new advanced end tackle components with the best bits of the existing Gardner terminal range to offer a truly comprehensive selection as required by today’s dedicated carp and specimen anglers.



Subtle Presentations...

Now, more than ever before, end tackle needs to be as subtle and inconspicuous as possible in order to trick the wary fish we are angling for, and it is absolutely essential that we use the stealthiest presentations available. With this in mind, during development of the Covert range the Gardner Team have sat down and scrutinised every component to ensure that all the items are made or finished with low-viz materials that will blend into the fish’s environment as if it wasn’t even there.

In the case of the clips, links, swivels and rig rings we have used a dark anti-glare coating to remove any possibility of light glinting from them which may alarm a feeding fish. Likewise, the non-metal items in the range have been manufactured in either semi-translucent ‘C-Thru’ Green or Brown, or solid coloured dull matt Green, Brown and Grey, with the primary products available in both finishes.

Never before has a terminal range offered the angler such a wide choice of dedicated end tackle, ensuring that there is always a quality rig component within the range to blend in perfectly with the venue you are fishing.



Safe and Reliable...

A vivid example of the careful consideration applied to developments of the new Covert range is our unique new safety Lead Clip system, designed to be as small and inconspicuous as practically possible for use with a size 8 swivel  (they are at least 30% smaller than any other lead clips). The Covert Lead Clips were designed to be extremely simple and easy to use, with the swivel clicking into place within the clip’s barrel, and the lead ejection controlled by how far the tail rubber is pushed onto the rear of the clip.

A gruelling 2 years of testing has led to the ultimate possible design, both in size and functionality. In the early stages of development we found that lead clips incorporating a fully serrated tail rubber mounting actually produce too much grip to consistently drop the lead, even if the tail rubber is only partially pushed onto the clip. By simply smoothing the barrel, but leaving the lead arm serrated, a much more user friendly, dependable and flexible clip was created. Such a simple solution, but as with all good ideas it works fantastically well and makes for much safer lead discharge.



State of the Art...

In a same way the Gardner Team applied their considerable angling experience with a healthy dose of common sense logic to look carefully at the Anti-Tangle Sleeves, making them the optimum length and, most importantly, with the ideal inherent stiffness without compromising their strength. Tearing has long been a common problem for many types of Anti-Tangle Sleeves and this was a crucial area the design team wanted to improve upon.

We are confident that, although essentially such a simple product, the Covert Anti-Tangle sleeves are the very best available and with colour-matched Tail Rubbers to compliment, the resulting Covert Lead Clip systems have refined the method to yet a higher level, setting new standards in end tackle design.

Other brand new products in the Covert range include Hook Stops, Arrow Beads, tapered bore Safety Beads, ultra dense Tungsten Tubing, Kwik Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels, Tulip Beads, Buffer Beads, 6mm Oval Rig Rings... the list goes on and on with more developments set for release in 2013.