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Black EWG Bass Hooks - Reaction Strike


These hooks are perfectly balanced to work with any brand of Hollow Body swimbaits. These hooks are razor sharp, and feature an oversized screw eye. The extra thick wire on the screw eye is designed to hold the bait securely to the hook without tearing the plastic.

The weighted Reaction Strike Plasma Point EWG Bass Hook offer the perfect combination for your soft plastic swimbaits. Along with the weight, this hook has extra thick wire to keep your bait on the hook where it belongs.

These are solid hooks and simple to rig, keeping your plastic from sliding all over the place. Let's you get your bait down faster.

These Plasma Series Points weighted hooks are Extra Wide Gap (EWG), with screw locks and come in packs of 4.


Black EWG Hooks


EWG Weighted hook 3/0 - 1/8z
EWG Weighted hook 4/0 - 1/4oz
EWG Weighted hook 4/0 - 1/8oz
EWG Weighted hook 5/0 - 1/4oz
EWG Weighted hook 5/0 - 1/8oz
EWG Weighted hook 5/0 - 3/8oz


EWG Hook 3/0  
EWG Hook 4/0  
EWG Hook 5/0  
EWG Hook 6/0  
EWG Hook 7/0  
EWG Hook 8/0  
EWG Hook 10/0  


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