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Broken Fresh Soaked

This boilie is produced from LT94 (Low temperature treated) fish meal and a blend of bird food ingredients, including the legendary Robin Red. The taste and smell comes from a very high quality Monster Crab flavour with a subtle garlic and black pepper back taste. For maximum results it really comes into its own during the warmer months.

Is it possible for Special Crab to get any better? Well, keep your eyes peeled on our catch reports and let the bait speak for itself. That’s how confident we are with it.

Remember – we don’t put the catch reports together… they are submitted by you the customer.


Available as a Shelf-Life Boilie.


Our joint biggest selling boilie and it’s little wonder why. Just take a glance through our catch reports - it catches everywhere.
Carp recognise it as food from the moment it’s introduced into a water… if you haven’t tried it yet you’re in for a pleasant surprise!.

Over the years countless lake records have fallen to Special Crab both at home and abroad. The original version has been around for over 15 years and is the brainchild of long time travelling angler David Keep, who soon came to realise the importance of quality food baits whilst fishing overseas. Yes cheap inferior baits will catch fish - but not with the same regularity as a quality food bait.

Colour :
Dark Red
Flavour :
Monster Crab
Base :
Fishmeal & Birdfood
Season :
All Season
Sizes :
Available :
350g & 1kg

Click here to see a video tour about the in's and out's of Special Crab.