Chilli Chocolate
Chilli Chocolate has a distinct chocolate taste with a subtle fish base and a slight chilli bite which the carp simply love.
Tiger Nut Crunch
These baits have a lot of 'crunchability' - We believe it's this crunch that's one of the major factors that makes Tigers so attractive to carp.
Fruity Trifle
Fruity Trifle is the angler friendly, missus friendly and car friendly bait of our range. A true 12 month of the year bait – superb in winter
Chilli Choc Tiger Nut Crush Fruity Trifle
Special Crab
Crammed full of ingredients it's little wonder that carp find the Special Crab irresistible. Instant everywhere we have taken it
Pineapple Crush
This is the one the dreaded Poisson Chat don’t like. It’s a very different type of boilie to anything else in our range.
Rahja Spice
A subtle blend of spices, garlic, pepper and chilli on a Robin Red based birdfood base Our biggest selling bait – what more can we say?
Special Crab Pineapple Crush Rajha Spice