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Curper Baits

A selection of curper baits (red kariba earthworms), tackle, maroek ground bait, earthworm box and feeding stimulants for the curper angler.

Kurper Aas

'n Seleksie kurper aas (rooi kariba erdwurms), gerei, maroek grondvoer, erdwurm houer en eetlus opwekkers vir die kurper hengelaar.

Spin Fishing for Curper.

by Henry de Beer

There are a group of lures that has been around for a long time and without much fanfare, continues to be one of the most productive lures to catch just about anything that swims - the spinner.

Spinners refer to a family of fishing lures that have a metal blade that rotates around a straight wire using a clevis, with a weight on the wire to make the spinner heavy enough to cast.
When the lure is in motion the blade spins creating varying degrees of flash and vibration that mimics small fish.
Fish can see the flash of the revolving blade in clear or stained water and in dark or murky water they will use their lateral-line to feel the vibration from the turning blade.

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