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Round Plastic Bobbers - Kingfisher


Quality Floats ARTS 201006

These plastic floats bring back memories of the good old days. Plastic floats are round in shape and classically decorated in red and white and they can be quickly attached to line at the desired depth with their clips.

Plastic Floats.
4 Different Sizes. 3/4" (1g) - 1" (4g) - 1 1/4" (5g) - 1 1/2" (7g);
Red and White.
Push Button feature allows for fixed line attachment.
4 Floats per packet.

Push the button on top the float to expose the clip. Slip the clip over the fishing line and release the button, making sure that the clip retracts back into the hole on the float, securing the float to the line.

Extra weight can be added to the Float by attaching a Splitshot to the Float. Flexible Float Links and Rubber Stops also available.

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