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Quality Floats ARTS 210076 - Kingfisher


Quality Floats ARTS 210076

Wooden Floats.
4g Each.
Body painted in Fluoro Red and Antenna painted in White, Fluoro Yellow and Fluoro Red.
Weight-to-Waterline indication in Yellow.
Eye guide in the Tail. Stop in place with Rubber Stoppers.
3 Floats per packet.

Attach a Rubber Stop onto your line at the length that you wish to fish. Slide the line through the guide at the bottom of the Float to the first Rubber Stop. Slide a nother Rubber Stop onto the line and push it up to the Float thus keeping the Float in a fixed position.

Extra weight can be added to the Float by attaching a Splitshot to the Float. Flexible Float Links and Rubber Stops also available.

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