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How to Order


The following images are for display purposes only.

This is a step by step guide showing how to go from selecting the products you want to buy, the quantity of each down to the final steps in
completing your order.

Image 1 Product Pages

This is the general layout of the pages on the website. They all form a standard guide in display.
1. Image of the product.
2. Depending on the amount of products on a page,
    there will be buttons guiding you to the Next, Last, Previous
    or First pages.
3. Shows the total amount of selected products.
4. The price of a specific product.
5. Here you select the quantity of each product that you would
    like to order.
6. Add To Cart. Places the product/s in your shopping cart.
7. View Cart. Takes you to your shopping cart.

Image 2 Shopping Cart

This is your shopping cart with all the related product information. The product name, description, price, quantity and the grand total.
1. Single item price.
2. Quantity of a specific item, in this example 5 units.
3. Total for this single product. Price x quantity = total.
    In this example R397.95
4. Continue Shopping. If you wish to add anything else or
    just want to continue browsing it will take you back to the
    last page you were on.
5. Clear Cart. If you decide to cancel the order or have made a
    mistake then this will clear your cart of ALL products.
6. Update. If you wish to change the quantities of your
    products simply fill in a new amount and click update to have
    the cart info updated. To completely remove a specific item
    from your cart simply make the quantity zero and update the
7. The grand total for your order Excluding delivery.
8. Checkout.
To continue to the next step of the ordering process.

Image 3 Login Page


If you have registered your details previously on our site (i.e. Username, Password, Name ect.) then you just enter your Username and Password and click on the Log In button.
There is also a Remember Me setting which fills in your details every time you come to this page as well as a Auto Log In function which does all the work for you.

If on the other hand you are a new customer you need to Register first before you can continue shopping. Click on Register.


Image 4 Registration


This is the registration page for new customers.

Choose your Username and Password carefully as it is needed to log into the site every time you want to place an order.

Fields marked with an * must be filled in before you can continue to the next step.

After you have registered you will be taken back to the Log In page.


Image 5.1 Checkout Part One

This following part is divided into two sections. If you which to pay via Direct Deposit or Electronic Transfer then you only
need to complete part one. If you wish to pay via Credit Card you need to fill in both part one and two. Note there are two
tick boxes, one that says "I acknowledge that I have read the Freight Charges Guide and am aware that Freight Charges will
only be added after my order has been weighed
." and another which states "
1. This is the address that your order will be sent to. If you wish
    to have your order sent to another address then just replace
    the current address with the one you would like, otherwise
    leave the address as is.

    Note: This address is only for courier shipments. Click here to
    establish if we ship to your area by courier.
    For delivery in any other part of South Africa the P.O Box
    address (2) must be filled in.

2. P.O Box for the rest of South Africa.
3. Select your preferred method of payment.
4. The Freight Charges Guide acknowledgement.
5. Freight Charges Guide. All the relevant information about
    shipping you will find here.
6. If you wish to make use of your own Courier Service then you
    need to select this option.

If you prefer to pay by EFT / Deposit you can now check the terms & Conditions checkbox and then click on Checkout to continue.

We will send you a notification for payment after we have processed your order to insure everything is in stock.
You can then make your payment.

Image 5.2 Checkout Part Two


  This part is for Credit Card purchases only.
   All the information needs to be filled in exactly
   as it is stated on the relevant Credit Card.

   Henkor will not be held liable for any errors that
   you as the buyer made on this page.

   After all the needed information has been entered
   into the fields, select the Terms & Conditions
   checkbox and click Checkout.

   Note: Henkor is SSL Protected so all information
   sent from here will be safe.


Image 6 Order Confirmation


This is the final part of the ordering process. Here you can go through the order summary and see if there is any thing that you might have missed or forgotten.

Go through your shipping details and see if the address and
contact information is correct.

If you are buying with a Credit Card please go through the information once more to make sure that you have filled in the correct details.

If there is any thing that you wish to change click on Modify Information otherwise click on Checkout.

After clicking Checkout the relevant information will be sent to Henkor for further processing.

Please wait for notification that your order has been sent before you leave this page!