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Henkor is a South African fishing tackle distributor for some of the best known international brands.

We also have a well established retail outlet that has been selling fishing
equipment since 1976.

We are the only South African tackle supplier that's ever publish their
own magazine aimed at teaching fisherman, called Top Tips.

With innovation and bait we were always in the fore and as such our retail outlet has been
the first retailer in South Africa to sell products such as maroek, platannas,
day old chics,preserved blood plasma,
kapentas, cockroaches, crabs and baber feed (groundbait).

We were also the first (since 1977) to manufacture a range of dips
and powders for the carp industry in South Africa.

Today we manufacture a totally unique and specialised natural range of attractor liquids,
attractor powders, liquid foods and liquid oils for carp, kurper and barber.

Since 2000 we have been manufacturing a wide range of pre-cooked particles,
pulses and nuts, that's available in 1kg, 5kg and 20kg buckets.
We also have a wide range of dry particles available in various sizes.
A selected range of pre-cooked hook-baits are available
in 125ml bottles and 1kg buckets.

At Henkor we fully appreciate that anglers are not simply born anglers.
Our aim is to assist anglers of all levels to maximise their catch rate and
make full use of their equipment.
Regardless of whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out,
Henkor has something for you.