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4" Cane Toad - Gambler Lures

Cane Toad



The Cane Toad is the ultimate swimming toad.

Designed to give maximum splash at slower retrieve speeds the Gambler Cane toad offers a very unique swimming action and the larger body holds a bigger hook.

The thinner profile helps with better hook penetration.
The wide body along with the front facing ribs and booted legs give this bait a different sound than all other soft plastic frogs on the market today.

They make so much commotion on the surface, the key on why these are so great. Cane Toads are awesome frogs! Great swimming action and smell on these toads. Really works great in the grass.

When you get this bait, the smell of the garlic on them will overwhelm you! That smell won't come off the Cane Toads!

Try the Cane Toad today and see why big bass just can't help but eat this toad.

June Bug/Pearl Swivel Cane Toad June Bug/Pearl Swivel
Lane Toad Cane Toad Lane Toad
Bull Frog Cane Toad Bull Frog
Grn pumpkin/Red Glit/Pearl Swirl Cane Toad Grn Pumpkin/Red Glit/ Pearl Swirl
Pepper Grass Cane Toad Pepper Grass
Black Cane Toad Black
Florida Five-O Cane Toad Florida Five-O
June Bug Cane Toad June Bug
Green Pepper Shad Cane Toad Green Pepper Shad

5 Per Bag.

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