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Felmlee Weedless Floating Frogs


Floats and has natural moving legs when twitched on top of the water. Use in weeds, lily pads and heavy cover. 

These are the most realistic frog on the market today.
They are twitch bait - Twitch them 4" at a time for explosive action. As you twitch retrieve these frogs their legs straighten and then refold making them look like they are actually swimming. At rest their legs spread just like a real frog. The weight of the hook makes them self-righting so they always sit the right way up.

Tip: Drag them across lily pads and then let them swim slowly away. The lure rarely gets very far. Be sure to wait one or two seconds after the strike before setting the hook or you will miss the fish.


frog Felmlee Frog – Green
frog Felmlee Frog – Brown
frog Felmlee Frog – Chartreuse

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