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Marker Gum (Line Markers) - ESP Tackle


Marker Gum - ESP Tackle

When you are casting to your baited areas or spesific features then ESP Marker Gum is perfect for making stop knots in both Monofilament lines and braided main lines.

When not stretched the ESP Marker Gum is about 0.45mm thick but when stretched it can go down to about 0.30mm, thin enough to to slide through your guides without hindering your distance in any way.

Available in Fluoro Orange and Fluoro Yellow.

A standard three turn knot will ensure that it grips the line securely without moving. To remove the Marker Gum simply cut the one tag end of the knot as close as possible to the knot and then pull the other side to release.

Available on 5m spools (stretched the Marker Gum will end being almost double the length). 

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ESP Marker Gum - Video