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Artificial Buoyant Sweetcorn Fluoro - ESP Tackle


Artificial Fluoro Buoyant Sweetcorn


Artificial Fluoro Buoyant Sweetcorn Side View


Artificial Fluoro Buoyant Sweetcorn All Colours

Artificial Buoyant Sweetcorn works perfectly to help counterbalance the weight of the hook and make it easier for carp to 'hoover' up the bait and hook. Add more Artificial Sweetcorn to bigger Carp Baits to get the perfect balance. Always test your Carp Baits in shallow water first to see if the correct balance has been reached.

Now available in mixed bright ‘fluoro’ colours Pink & White, Orange & Red and Green & Yellow to complement the original yellow, ESP Sweetcorn is available in two different size ‘groups’, Buoyant and Big Buoyant.

The Buoyant Corn has a very generous 16 grains in the packet (6 large, 6 medium, 2 small and 2 mini) plus two strips of complementary mini ESP hair stops. An innovative feature is the Hair Stop recess on selected grains which accepts the mini hair stop. Some of the grains have the recess on the end whilst others have the recess on the side to suit various presentations. This recess makes the hair stop sit almost flush with the surface of the corn which not only looks very neat but is also a real help when fishing waters where cray fish are present, it makes it much more difficult for them to steal the bait! There are also grains with no hair stop recess at all.

The Big Buoyant Corn has 18 (yes18!) grains squeezed into the packet (6 giant, 6 extra large and 6 large) plus two strips of complementary small ESP hair stops. Like on the smaller sizes, selected grains feature a hair stop recess on the side or on the end to allow for lengthways or sideways presentation, whilst other grains have no recess.

ESP sweetcorn is perfect for a wide variety of presentations from balancing or tipping boilies or nuts, to creating the perfect pop up.
The larger sizes are also ideal for zig rigs.

The vibrant fluoro colours provide excellent visual attraction and the colours can be mixed up or changed to suit varying conditions and feeding habits. Vibrant coloured hook baits are especially effective in the spring and winter where there bright visual attraction acts almost like a lure does for pike or perch, where a more conventional bait might not trigger a response.

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ESP Fake Artificial Buoyant Sweetcorn - Video


ESP Fake Artificial Sweetcorn Underwater Demonstration - Video