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Hi-Attract Pineapple Plus Boilies - Dynamite Baits


Hi-Attract Pineapple Plus Boilies


Hi-Attract Pineapple Plus Boilies Open


Hi-Attract Pineapple Plus Boilies Range

Pineapple is a famous carp catching flavour so Dynamite has combined this with a famous birdfood base to create the Hi-Attract Pineapple Plus boilies.

This gives the baits a crunchy texture and allows the water-soluble attractants to leak from the boilie immediately, drawing fish to your bait.

Key features:
- Easily digestible birdfood based boilie
- Crunchy texture allows instant leakage of Hi-Attract flavours and water soluble attractants
- Designed to be a quality boilie at a reasonable price
- Highly flavoured, easily digestible and designed for immediate action
- Range includes Boilies, Pop-Ups and a Liquid Attractant
- 15mm baits are available in 500gram bags as well as 1kg

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