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The Crave Boilies - Dynamite Baits


Dynamite Baits The Crave Range


Dynamite Baits The Crave Boilies

The Crave has been developed and tested over a long period to be able to give you a boilie that is high in Nutrition, Attraction, Palatability and Digestibility and it works year round giving instant attraction.

The Crave base mix is made from the highest quality pre-digested fishmeals on the market along with the widely used and very popular Haith’s® Robin Red® & Birdfood blends.

Fresh eggs, a unique concentrated shrimp paste (only available to Dynamite Baits), winterised salmon oil and the finest liquid liver on the market is then added to the base mix.

All these ingredients are then mixed with 2 of Terry's secret attractors resulting in a bait which instantly gets carp feeding and keeps them feeding for longer. The Crave is a bait that you can have utmost confidence in.

Tuna Meal,
Sardine & Anchovy Meal,
Haiths Robin Red®,
Haiths Nectar Blend®,
Red Factor,
Concentrated Shrimp Paste,
Winterised Salmon Oil,
Liquid Liver

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