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Terry Hearn’s 50/50 Big Carp Hookbaits- Dynamite Baits


50/50 The Source Hookbaits

50/50 Chocolate Malt Hookbaits

50/50 Robin Red & Tutti Frutti Hookbaits

50/50 Red Fish Hookbaits

50/50 Tiger Nut & Banana Hookbaits


• Balanced Hookbaits that catch the wariest of carp
• Boilies are a combination of 50% bottom bait and 50% food bait pop-up
• Results in more hook-ups and better hook holds
• Minimal resistance when a fish takes the bait
• Offers a more natural presentation
• This hookbait is guaranteed to help you put more fish on the bank
• Available in the best-selling flavours:

The Source (light brown top/dark brown bottom)

Chocolate Malt (orange top/brown bottom)

Robin Red & Tutti Frutti (orange top/red bottom)

Red Fish (light red top/dark red bottom)

Tiger Nut & Banana (light yellow top/dark yellow bottom) 

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