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Harrows Darts and Dart Board Technology in South Africa (SA)


For the best place to buy Dart Board Darts, our online shop and our walk-in shop situated in Waverley, Pretoria, South Africa have all that you need.

We supply dart boards, brass and tungsten steel tip darts, dart flights, aluminium & plastic dart shafts, steel tip sharpeners, flight protectors, flight savers, flight punches (dart flight lock system), extractor tools (removes broken shafts / tips) and other accessories.


Veerpyltjie borde (dartboards), staalpunt veerpyltjies, veertjies, aluminium en plastiese steeltjies, staalpunt skerpmakers, veertjie beskermers, veertjie ponse, gebreekte staalpunt verwyderaars ens.