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Carp Fishing Top Tips For Braided Main Line
By Henry de Beer

As there is almost zero stretch in braid the fight from a carp on braid (compared to monofilament) is unreal as the feelings transmitted through the braid are magnified 50 times over those of mono.
Some anglers are terrified that the hook is going to pop out at any given second and it can be a bit heart-stopping at first as you will feel every head-shake the carp makes.

Gardner Tackle

Gardner Tackle Sausage Rolling Tables
Review by Henry de Beer

Made especially for Gardner’s Longbase Rolaballs (used to roll boilies), the Sausage Rolling Tables are double-sided, thus they enables you to roll and cut sausages in two different thicknesses; either 12/16mm, 14/18mm or 20/22mm.

Free Fishing Tackle

When times are hard and cash is far from easy to come by it’s always nice to get a freebie. So to help your angling improve and keep a bit of cash in your pocket, Gardner Tackle has now released their own Rig Handbook.

Gardner Tackle Rig Handbook
The Ultimate Rig Guide
Every day is different. Some days the fish will feed with wild abandon, aggressively rooting out all the bait that we lay on their table, with the inevitable outcome being fresh pictures in our photo collection, a wet net and an aching arm. On other days they can approach the same baits...

Delkim Article

Controlling Sensitivity“Sensitivity control is fundamental in the use of the Delkim Bite Alarm when and set up and adjusted correctly, the Delkim will give the user the highest degree of sensitivity to line movement in any known bite alarm without any false indications whatsoever...


Problem With Looping
Looping hook-lengths are a major irritation to many anglers. Once the rig has landed even lines specifically designed to sink will often stand proud off the bottom. Regardless of density looping occurs with all brands of nylon and braids...

Jackal Review
Jackal, the new coated braid from Kryston. It seemed to tick all the boxes, except one, it had been suggested we needed to look at a minimum of 40lb breaking strain for our hook-lengths...

About Traditional Braid
(Fishing Braided Line)

Braided lines are nothing new. Many of today’s anglers are completely unaware that way back in 1952 when Richard Walker caught his 44lb UK record carp he was using a braided hooklength...

About Coated
If you are confused about coated hook-lengths it’s hardly surprising and your certainly not alone. Due to the outstanding success of Snakebite and Super Mantis there are now dozens of imitations and look-alikes flooding the market...

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Wychwood Epic
Bite Alarm & Receiver

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Bite Alarm

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